Chair Person's Note

t is my pleasure to introduce to you Twekembe Development Association, a non-profit Community Based Organization aiming at improving livelihoods of poor and vulnerable families within slum and local communities through empowering the women and their children (youths).

It has been a long journey since we started in 2008 as a community mobilization group of married women to help each other save something and help through supporting families. As time went on we were joined by a num- ber of women who had various problems, like divorced with their children due to family battles based on men’s failure to support the family well. In response to solving such problems, as a group of women we developed an idea of stopping marriage breakup by accommodating women within our group and teach them how to start working and become supportive to their families.

It wasn’t easy because we found many resistances from men and women themselves, but in 2010 we realized that our numbers and women who had believed in us had increased too 300 from 26 we started with.

But as we continued, another demand for children from the same families came up and we also decided to accommodate them so we started a youth department called Twekembe Youth Development group, which was registered also due to its success story.

We thank God the Almighty for enabling us to reach to the moderate success we have achieved, like we managed to change many women’s mind set within the community towards every woman owning an income generating venture even if it’s worth 10,000shs. We have also managed to reduce in fact almost ended the family


break ups with the surrounding communities. Also we have managed to train women to produce various things like liquid soap, tailoring, candle making, and other business startups among others.

Nevertheless just like any other growing organization, we face a lot of challenges while carrying out our programs, like we lack transportation means, that would help us transport our products and members to the field, machines to produce our products as at the moment, everything is handmade, healthy services to reduce the high sickness and death rate of mem- bers, education services, funds to facilitate the general day to day organization’s programs.

We still thank God the Almighty for enabling us to achieve the few things we reached to and we pray that he enables us to move and fulfill our future prospects.

In the near future we plan to have a land where to put the association’s office, the training institute, agriculture farm and a production factory. We also plan to buy vehicles to simplify transportation services and reduce on high costs of transport we incur while members are going to the field to carry out the organization’s programs.

I Conclude by thanking all our partners and supporters who have moved with us since the beginning of this journey, we thank both Ugandan and International Organizations and Individuals who have provided us with moral, financial and technical support and we beg that you should continue supporting us because the journey is still big.

May the Almighty GOD reward you and make you reach to your ambitions.

Thanks so much

Nassanga F Lubega

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Tel: +256 775625664

(Nassanga F Lubega-Chairperson)

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