About us

Twekembe Development Association is an empowerment and development community based organization, an initiative of a group of women and young people aiming at changing and improving different women and young people’s lives through engaging them in various developmental and self-sustaining programs.

The Organization is a Fully Registered Community Based Organisation under the laws of The Republic of Uganda by the Kampala Capital City Authority the Administrator of Uganda’s Capital District (KCCA), with registration Number LUB/13/485 2013, with its operational offices in Rubaga Division a sub-county of Kampala District in Kigagga Zone Nateete Parish.

The Organization was started in 2008 and later officially registered in 2012. Its membership is subscribed to by different categories of people around the district and these categories are married mothers, single mothers, single women and youths among others. These have increased the organization’s membership numbers from 26 members since its inception to 5,000 members currently.

Due to the impressive role played by the organization’s members and leadership within the communities, where it has managed to carry out its activities, different women raised a need to consolidate their children through the same organization to provide them a better future. So as a result, the organization’s membership through its leadership agreed and accepted to introduce and open up a Youth Section within the same organi- zation known as Twekembe Youth Development Group and it’s aiming at helping mothers within the organization to consolidate, help and provide right mentorship to various young people collectively.