Our Values


In Uganda there is a high rate of unemployment not only in youths but in women and this has caused many families to be below the poverty levels where a family can fail to afford one dollar a day(Three thousand Ugandan Shillings) that would buy food for the family. This is due to most families being dependent on men only, who also sometimes happen to be law income earners because of being wage based employees.

As a result the man cannot afford to provide for the family’s needs hence family con icts arising all the time. These con icts have, as result brought up many marriage breakups leading to single mothers, children going to streets to become street beggars, family battles resulting into homicides within families hence leaving many children orphans.

So with all this chaos, the founder along with respective community stakeholders of this organization having realized the cause of this, came up with an immediate solution of consoling the mothers to become help-ful to the family by engaging in various developmental projects that would become suplementative to the man’s income in order to stop the above problems affecting different families due to poverty hitting their families. So this caused the birth of TWEKEMBE WOMEN DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION, Interpreted as Women Self- Help for development which has seemed the best alternative and has helped many to keep marriages together.

Our Vision

To be the leading community based organization with the highest number of developmental community engagement initiatives in the region.

Our Objectives

To promote community development programs especially among women and youths by setting up projects geared towards peoples’ economic development to eradicate poverty.

To exercise and maximumize culture by its roots and heritage diversity, expression, promotion tailored programs and projects.


Our Mission

To fight poverty and all its out comes within Women and Youths through mobilization and initiation of developmental activities in the region

For Women

  • To continuously support women empowerment programs in surrounding communities.
  • To help both married and single mothers to up lift their wellbeing.
  • Reduce on women health illiteracy within the slum communities.
  • Identify and engage women in more nancially bene ting activities to ght poverty with in their house holds.
  • To popularize gender equality within the slum communities, to stop family battle.


For Youth

  • To consolidate and comfort youths facing various problems within the region.
  • To promote youth empowerment in the communities within.
  • To involve youths in poverty eradication programs.
  • To help youth engaged in Global Youth Fellowship
  • To enable Youth to become life changers and campaign advocators.