Association's Activities



To meet our objectives of this Initiative as set out below


Our network of project activities allows us to engage at Local, National and International Level with the aim of achieving these goals:

To RAISE the standards of living for rural women, girls, youths and children in general and their families through community development project and programs.

To PROVIDE continuous active and practical support to our members and help them set up income-generating schemes.

To SUPPORT educational opportunities for women, girls, vulnerable youths and children, help them eliminate gender discrimination but promote gender equality.

To GIVE rural women youths and children a voice at International Level through our partnership links with other organisational institutions and bodies worldwide.

We offer active support for a wide range of crucial development programmes in rural communities.

These opportunities and programmes include:

- Community Skills Development

- Poverty Alleviation

- Leadership and Skill Training

- Nutrition and Education


Literacy and Basic Education (including, sexual health, abortion, rape, home violence, early motherhood, family planning and HIV/Aids awareness)

Small Business Initiatives and Small-scale Agricultural Income-generating initiatives.


Following the above process, as an achievement the results the organisation has been engaged in activities as below:




The Pope visited Uganda , the visit which involved meeting the poor communities, Youth, Religious Leaders, Christians and Elderly. The visit was purely on Peace and Community Development Initiatives. Twekembe Development Association having been contacted by CARITAS Uganda (one of the hosts), did provide entertainment to the visiting pope along Entebbe road as he was coming from the Airport. The Youth Music, Dance and Drama Performers Group was involved and this is in line with our goal of empowering youth through performing arts, vocational training and economic activities. The performance demonstrated our association’s success at both National and International Level since the people who matched the show/entertainment were from different countries.