Twekembe Performers

Twekembe Performers-"Safari Cheza Africa,"

This is an initiative that developed from with in Twekembe Development Association Youth Department which continues its aims to bring youths of various backgrounds and talents together to see how they can help develop themselves through various engagement activities.






Twekembe Performers (A Twekembe Development Association Foundation) are passionate, youthful ambassadors who aspire to preserve and promote Uganda’s rich folk tradition and cultural diversity on the world stage. But they also understand the importance of starting with their own community first. Not only do the performers raise money and awareness for Twekembe Development Association’s numerous philanthropic causes—benefitting local women and children in particular—but they also offer outreach in schools, where they help tutor students in the performing arts and encourage them to recognize and respect their tribal and cultural roots.

What makes these humanitarian and developmental objectives even more extraordinary is the fact that the young performers come from very vulnerable and impoverished situations themselves. Among them are orphans whose parents have succumbed to the deadly scourges of AIDS and war in Uganda. Twekembe Development Association founded this group in an effort to instill self-confidence in these talented young people, knowing the pivotal role that an artistic outlet can serve in acquiring other important life skills. In this way, the young performers are not only confronting and improving their own circumstances through music, but are also using it as a medium to communicate issues affecting the slum areas of Uganda as well as society at large

The performance group embraces a humanitarian and development objective towards improving the lives of the poor but highly talented, disciplined, and energetic youths, orphans and children from poor and helpless families.


- Embracing Uganda’s rich traditional folk and cultural diversity


- To become centre for Uganda’s finest quality of world music in traditional folk entertainment


- Identification of youth talented folk musicians especially orphans whose parents have succumbed to the deadly scourge of AIDS and War in Northern Uganda and help them restore self confidence using Uganda Folk and Traditional Arts as the “THERAPY…!!!”

- Educate and develop the talents of the members so as to enhance their ability to acquiring the required basic needs of life.

- Preserve and prmote Uganda’s rich and diversified cultural music, dances, theatre and poetry etc…

- Show the importance and value of African folk music and dances, customer and musical instruments and their contribution to the International Folk Lore Industry.

- Provision of a cultural and relaxed environment to both and international communities as praise, cocktails, opening and launching ceremonies, all other functions as and when required for service.

- Facilitate the generation and dissemination of knowledge and technologies that meet the needs of the poor and marginalised communities.

- Facilitate and drawing the attention of communities to important issues and influencing solutions on behalf of the Governments, Policy Makers, Donors, Community Stake Holders etc…

-Generate and mobilise funds to support the vulnerable communities especially orphans and children displaced through wars and loss of parents due to HIV.AIDS and other diseases by providing shelter, food, healthcare, formal and informal education, vocational skills and set income generating projects to enhance their livelihoods.


In the Association's Youth Department various youths have been involved in different activities among which is Music Dance Drama Project is a very prominent and fulcrum mainly because it is used as a medium of communication to pass information concerning problems and issues the Youth face with in the Community.

The initiative is also being used as a fundraiser for the association through the performances at different functions with the money raised supporting many youth’s and women's projects with in the association at large.


Through this performance/s engagements and service provision at various events of different categories, the association has gained substantial credibility from key institutions in the public sector services like KARIBU FESTIVAL in Tanzania, KAMPALA CARNIVAL, KCCA, DENIVA, and CARITAS among others. These opportunities have helped Twekembe Performers to gain public and demand which has in return created more invitations for performance showcases required through different spectrums as already stated above and other private functions like Weddings, Birthday Parties etc...


The organisation has also opened up and established key long term partnerships with these institutions through relationships initiated by “Twekembe Performers,” the Music, Dance and Drama Group Project.


Twekembe Performers benefit Twekembe Development Association in ways as follows:

Youth Department running a group of Cultural Performers creates opportunities which help the association youths to showcase and exhibit their cultural dances and any other activities connected to match the various societies’ themes.

Through the cultural performances showcases by Twekembe Performers, The Association conducts fundraising drives and campaigns to the attending audiences at various events in the society; this in the end ensures The Association is able to market and promote its products made from project activities like liquid soap & candle making, shampoo, tailoring poultry etc...

Some of performances carried out by Twekembe Performers in Music, Dance and Drama Projects by the youths do communicate the problems in the society to the attending audiences. This makes the community and the outside world understand what is happening out there in the slum areas of Uganda (and other areas in the World) as well as issues affecting the youths with in the Society today.

Twekembe Performers Project help Twekembe Youth Department market its handcraft items made by the youths to raise money for their support in Education, Social Wellbeing and any other ways as that can be of benefit.

The Project performances conducted around do act as our marketing platform to provide The Association and Twekembe Performers with more mileage for activities to people from different countries and cultures, which in return might help the youths get more connections and contacts to perform in foreign countries.

The performance project product acts that are communicated through the showcases also helps the Association to be inclusive in the Society’s and/or Community Programs which is seen as a good platform to market the association’s project and program activities.

Twekembe Performers Performance Project Group extends some benefits to Twekembe Development Association as shown below:

The Performance Project helps The Association blend in its entertainment it provides to its hosts, donors and followers by bringing in and creating new faces and performances.

The Performance Project helps the society to carry out its Corporate Social responsibility by extending support to the needy communities of Uganda and The World at large.

Youth Twekembe Performers who access schools through Music, Dance and Drama Workshops provision also ensure The Association gains extra value in the Education Sector from the Local and National Government Bodies particularly, "The Ministry of Education and Sports," because it promotes Cultural Heritage and Preservation as well as Physical Wellbeing for School Pupils.


In general, the opportunity immensely immensely helps Twekembe Development Association to elevate its status and also further frequently provide new opportunities to meet and share sustainable developmental and empowerment ideas with totally new audiences that the Association Organisation would never have interacted and/or intergrated with before.