Twekembe Development Association is a Not For Profit Organization which promotes volunteering and offers opportunities for Intercultural Learning through Global Non-Formal Education. Twekembe is involved in mobility of young people at a Local, National and International level paying special attention to those with less opportunities.


Our objective is to promote topics about global issues and encourage active participation and citizenship.


Thanks to the support of the members, the local community and local government, our program activities work to create intercultural learning projects.

Our young people participate in several International Youth Exchanges, through meetings and training opportunities in youth field, in cooperation with our partner organizations.


All you need to know is volunteering is a strong and long term project on world today because aims at promoting the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, with a special focus on young people coming from rural areas to stimulate and encourage youngsters to be active citizens.


During the distinguished projects young volunteers have the opportunity to implement various activities such as:

- Support in managing the daily tasks and events of the hosting organization. The volunteers will work with different target groups: local community, young people and volunteers

- Present Twekembe Development Association Voluntary Programme. The volunteers will have the task to collaborate with the hosting organization, writing blog articles which will be shared on line on the official organization’s website and on the official social network channels and realizing a specific video

which will be upload on the organization’s youtube channel

- Release short videos about the hosting association; collaborate with the local radio, TV stations, newspapers, journals etc...

-Collaborate with the hosting organization realizing free artistic open workshops. A relevant space will be given to outdoor activities, street actions, exhibition evenings, thematic movie evenings etc...


Through such actions the project aims to:

- Promote volunteerism as an added value for the youth and for the society

- Raise the awareness towards the themes of solidarity and inclusion of young people with less opportunities, coming from rural areas.

- Promote the sharing of best practices among the Local and International volunteers.

- Set the basis and foster the promotion of intercultural dialogue and informal education approach.

- Enhance the quality of information exchange through the use of social media tools, outdoor activities and peer education activities

- Promote African values for the positive benefit and influence in order to foster social cohesion in the World.

- Promote Global Citizenship programme through intercultural learning, informal education and learning by doip that will ensure an intercultural dimension and a sufficient learning space for volunteers, where educational approaches are ensured with the support of the exprienceerienced and experts in the field where and as necessary.


During voluntary program, volunteers are expected to acquire and develop new skills, competencies and attitudes. The on going projects will help them in their personal growth as well as getting to know a new culture.


Expected Learning Outcomes

Through their service volunteers will be able to improve/acquire:

• Skills to adapt methods/communications/activities in different formats and for different environments

• Skills to project, implement and manage his/her own projects

• Skills to work in an International Team

• Skills that are socially inter-linked and interpersonal communication

• Knowledge that key and relevant and of different methods of informal valuable education like discussion moderator, energizers or team building

• Knowledge that is signifcant for a basic foriegn and new language

using communication English language skills as the inter link dialogue.

• Knowledge about a different culture through taking part in International Project.

• Entrepreneurial attitude, by proposing and implementing own ideas.

Moreover, the volunteer will also get to learn t the basics of the management of NGO and how to use the project as a method and have the opportunity (if interested) to lear interested) basies of promotion/communication and related softwares (video editing and graphic softwares), if and as pre-arranged.