Women Activites

Women Activities

Women empowerment and development program is one of the major activities of this organization. In this activity there other sub activities carried out to ful ll the objectives of the organisation as far as this major activity is concerned and among them are the following:


Microfinance Loans Program:

This mission is by women in Twekembe is to establish village-level loan hubs, administered by local women, to provide capital, training and support services to local and rural women in the lowest income so that they can engage in income generating activities, as well as learn how to save in Kigagga Zone-Rubaga Division-Kamplala, Uganda East-Africa.

The program help women build assets so that they can stabilize their income, raise their standard of living and reorient themselves and their families. Twekembe women small loans bring big changes to impoverished women, who use the money to build small businesses.



Tailoring Training

This was started as a problem solving venture where women were trained to solve problems of mending their dam- aged clothes due to lack of enough maney to buy new ones always, but later turned into a job venture for many women who stared up tailoring businesses in various areas to help themselves earn a living. So with this we introduced more technical training and we hope to start a Voca- tional school.



Liquid Soap Making

This was also started asan activity of helping women solve a problem

of lack of soap they would use in daily life in their homes. After many women gaining experience and having surplus soap in their homes, we developed an idea of using the same soap to become an income generating venture and a job opportunity to youths by selling it to homes within the community. It was successful and now we produce in large quantities and supply companies. We hope to open up a small factory within the future to maintain and grow this business.



Shampoo making

After many women being too broke that their hair used to look so bad and disappointing, we initiated an idea of at least everyone being able to make her own shampoo to wash her hair and look smart. This later it became an income generating venture for many women after trying to sell to friends and this worked for them.



Candles Making

The same applied to the candle making activity, we were trying to solve a problem of darkness within families of members by teaching them to make homemade candles but later turned into an income generating project to many families by selling them to retail and whole sale shops within business center.



Community Welfare

This is one of the activities that kicked off unity and acted as a center of mobilization of women within communities. We started it to improve on the hygiene of the areas within which we reside to avoid poor health conditions. In this we provide various properties to families like mosquito nets, liquid soap, cleaning of the drainage systems and garbage collection to avoid water and air borne diseases.



Mushroom Growing

This was a mushroom growing training which was carried out to as an introduction of the members to farming projects and it is among our future projects to be carried out when we get larger land of our own.