Chief Head of Youth's Note

These points therefore drove Bashir to decide and take up the role of driving on these young people to raise more awareness for them such that they can get exposed to more opportunities to benefit their lives as well as others with their community and the entire society.

Bashir is a graduate in BSc a Sports and Exercise Science from London Sports Institute-Middlesex University in London. He attends trainings in music dance and drama and this have made me like Arts along with Sports to use it as a mechanism of communicating issue pertaining the Youth of today from deprived back grounds. Bashir is also undertaking research and preparing a proposal for my post graduate: MA Arts & Cultural Enterprise at University Arts London (Central Saint Martins).

Bashir is also a Youth leader with in Twekembe that co-ordinates youth developmental programmes at International levels through participation is seminars, conferences and fellowships. By participating in these forums, it becomes vitally important because the issues discussed at such events touch areas of concern for the Youth worldwide and especially those regarding Africa deriving from deprived areas and less advantaged therefore in need of help. In addition to that Bashir gets the opportunity to air out issues pertaining the Youth in Africa (Uganda) and share with the counter parts in Europe.

Furthermore Bashir is also part of the executive committee of an organisation in the United Kingdom called African Cultural Development (ACD-ARTS) and he is the Director of Operations and International Co-ordination. Bashir’s roles are also linked and related to Twekembe Development Association and African Cultural Development (ACD-ARTS); in these two organisations Bashir is responsible with uplifting the Economic Status and Development of the Youths through fundraising and mobilization projects and campaigns.

Bashir has managed to oversee the entire training of the Youth within our community in activities such as performing arts, loan mechanism, sports activities etc… These activities help raise awareness and boost confidence for the Youth which in return positively correlates and impacts the lives of the Young People. The activities carried so far have mainly been economic activities foster poverty alleviation or economic empowerment for the Youth. Other projects that Bashir has initiated for the Youth include offer and provision of training in Creative Art in Schools, Team building and recreational activities, Youth Seminars, Fellowships and Exchanges etc…and these are already on going.

Bashir specialises in “African Arts and Sports Science and Development “THERAPY” with keen interest in African Choreography in Music and Dance and Sports Science and Grass Roots Development. He has performed at various places including in celebration of Commonwealth countries for her majesty the Queen in 2007 at Westminster Abbey. He has also performed at high-profile festivals such as Bradford Mela festival (2009), Drum camps (2008),

Born Free Foundation, Wild life Fundraising 2009, FIFA UK world Tour Trophy-Earl’s Court 2010 and many more. In the Sports and Exercise Science Sector Bashir has worked with organisations such as Acess2Sports Project, Arsenal Foundation Trust, KickItOut with numerous awards with in the sports sector live Sports Leader, Safe Guarding, Football Levels 1 and 2 as well Exercise and Fitness Level 2.

Bashir is the Head of Youth Department and International Projects in Twekembe Development Association Bashir is involved in Youth Development for our organisation and entire Community. This involves drawing out plans for the Youth Empowerment and Developmental programmes as well as linking the Youth to International Trusts and Donors who have an interest in helping those in need. He co-ordinates with International organisations and encourage them to help our Youth in various ways possible to participate in the Youth Programmes.

Having been born in Uganda, Bashir moved to Europe as young teen and has stayed in the United Kingdom for the last 15 years, undertaking his high school and University Studies at the Middlesex University-London Sport Institute. Growing up on the streets of London, he believes it’s worthwhile cause to help out and contribute to the Development and Empowerment of Youth back home to his roots as giving something back to the World Community. Bashir believes in “Caring and Sharing,” as well as synergism. Bashir has experience in matters regarding the Youth in Africa as well as those from Europe.


With is opportunity to lead this Youth with Twekembe Development Association, Bashir is able to fulfil his vision to make a good contribution and be a voice that reaches out the outside world crying out for more help to our Youth of tomorrow. Bashir over the years has participated in some Youth organised Youth initiatives such as African Youth Forum UK and Princess Diana’s Trust Youth Initiative. During these forums some policies were discussed and addressed for adoption in both Africa and Europe.

Bashir believes in response to those in need and everyone is somebody. He was particularly touched by the love, devotion and commitment to work by the Young People he met whilst on his travel around the world when he had a stop in his homeland. He believes that these young people have a lack to offer but simply lack opportunity and this is proved by the lack of employment figures in Uganda which is at its worst and lowest point ever “83%.”

He was also motivated by the behaviour traits of the young people especially their cohesion and bond to care for each other through various ways such as lending each money-yet so little they have, celebrating together when there is happiness features like birthday parties, new arrivals etc…but most importantly supporting each other during the toughest times when one of their peers family gets a deceased in the family. They moan and cry together more or so gather and vigil for sharing the bereavement emotions together all the way throughout the burial/funeral ceremony when in most cases than not it’s miles away from their homes and costs money to get there but they borrow money and also give up their time to be there for each other.

This is a trait that has been known by the mature people as opposed to the young people who are only youthful usually interested in happiness of enjoying and celebrating life or looking for money through all channels be it lawful or unlawful i.e. street gangs, night burglary, drug dealers etc