Youth Department


Youth Activites


Youth are a key to development if utilized well they can be productive at different levels due to their unique abilities. The association has experienced drastic change in its operations since the introduction of the youth department within the association.

The different talents from different young people have brought many people to join the association due to youths participating in different community activities vigorously and have inspired many youths and women within the communities.

Youth-led development refers to our approach to development; driven and guided by young people and youth, drawing upon their energy, creativity and skills to create positive change. This is done on a small and large scale, and implicitly values young people and youth as an asset for society. The acivities include:-




We train youths to attain skills in different areas of self-development to help them attain a strong sense of self sustainability.


Education Workshops in self-sustenance


These workshops help us to develop the youth’s mind set towards education, research and reading activities as a way to help them develop within them an interest and culture of reading and research


Team building gatherings


These help to enable youth work together and explain to them the bene t of hav- ing a strong bond within themselves.


Music, Dance and Drama


This activity is not only used as a talent development and empowerment but also an educational program. This program has been used as an income generating activity, where some of the youths by exhibiting their talents to the public and earn some income that would sustain their lives.


Social Trips


The trips carried out within our country have not only developed a social inter- action base within the youths but also has made them gather enough knowledge about the beauty of their country and also to develop a heart of adventure.


Sports Recreational Involvement


Here many youths participate to develop their talents but as an organization we use sports to build mental and physical tness within the young people. Youth Empowerment: We help many youths to make their dreams come true by providing various types of support to youths through different programs and projects.

There was coordination for a consultation to contribute to the devel- opment of Uganda’s new, ve years National Development Plan (NDP II). It forms part of a broader stakeholder engagement process but was the rst to focus on the youth sector. The consultation engaged repre- sentatives of the National Youth Working Group (NYWG), an infor- mal platform chaired by Restless Development to promote increased coordination amongst the many organizations and institutions working with youth.

The NDP II is closely aligned to 'Vision 2040', Uganda’s strategy for achieving middle income status. It fo- cuses on inclusive growth and identi es ve pillars for achieving this. This includes prioritising key growth sectors mining, agriculture and tourism, as well as developing the human capital and infrastructure required. As highlighted during the consultation, harnessing the potential of young people will be critical to realising and delivering on NDP II and achieving Vision 2040.

Hosted at VSO’s of ce in Kampala, the consultation was attended by representatives from NGOs, the Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs, the UN and the private sector. It began with an informative presenta- tion by the lead consultant working with the National Planning Authority and UNDP to review and propose strategies for addressing youth concerns. This was followed by a vibrant and open discussion. Contributions re ected the diversity of the NYWG membership and spanned each pillar in the NDP II. The consultation closed with a note of thanks by the consultant and a recommendation by the Chair and other NYWG mem- bers for continued consultation, including the opportunity to bring youth voices into this important process.

The NDP II was nalised in September 2014 so that it can contribute to the budget process for 2015/16.

We and the National Youth Working Group are committed to continuing to support this important process to ensure that youth concerns are best re ected and addressed.


The world has more young people than ever before, but for how long? Are we approaching Peak Youth? Have ever-increasing numbers of young people made the world complacent about ful lling their potential? How does the world need to change to make the most of this moment? What will happen if we don’t?


• In the past 50 years (1965 -2015), youth population more than doubled (115% or 126% depending on how we de ne youth.

• In the next 50 years, it will grow only slightly (14-16%).

• After that, it will start to shrink.