Cause Description

Education is the best way to out of poverty. Actually, there are many regions that children are out of school. In order to change perception and give education for people, we will build a school at there. This is a big charity activity, so it need more time and donation.

Sanitation & Clean Environment

We mobilise youth and community to clean the environment in order to

  • keep clean our world
  • Protect us from diseases, infections, water borne diseases and pollution
  • improve our health and living habits
  • Give us an opportunity to recycle all those waste materials which could be so help save waste of energy and control prices
  • improves cleanliness of our streets, roads, villages and cities
  •  reduce soil, air, and water pollution
  • Enhance the beauty of area, location and generate a sense of grace among the inhabitants
  • control the quality of certain products, edible items, meat, vegetables and drinking water quality
  • Reduce poisons and toxic materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic and asbestos etc that are very dangerous and harmful to health. Environmental sanitation can help control these problems and have a good check and balance over their release and dispose
  •  promote  the desire for living a health life and a life full of color, purpose, goals, enthusiasm and zeal

Planting trees & de campaigning tree cutting

We mobilise youth and community to plant trees and stop cutting them in  order to achieve

1. Improve the Environment

Planting a tree is one of the easiest ways to improve the environment and beautify your surroundings.  Plants filter pollutants, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen  and help fight soil erosion.  Planting a tree or two will also help reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Reduce Energy Costs

Trees provide shade from the hot summer sun to help keep your home cooler. When positioned properly, trees can help cut energy costs all year.  A healthy tree cools the air in spring and summer.  During the winter, they can block harsh blowing winds and provide insulation.

3. Home to Wildlife

Trees provide homes for wildlife, giving birds and squirrels places to rest, nest and escape predators.   Plant a few trees to help attract wildlife to your yard.  Many also offer valuable food sources, such as pollen, nectar, fruits and nuts.

4. Nature’s Beauty

Trees are beautiful.  From colorful flowers in the spring, to lush green leaves in the summer and vibrant hues in the fall, trees provide an ever-changing landscape.

5. Stop Climate change

climate change presents one of the greatest threats to human existence therefore we are committed to stopping it.

Environmental stewardship program

We foster the creation of new and future environmental stewards among youth and children through:

  • Sensitisaiton of youth
  • organising trips so that youth can interact with the environment in a fun way so that they gain a renewed love for the environment
  • organising urban nature camps for youth
  • Publicizing our fun events

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